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The is the Coursebook for the first three units of the Foundation Certificate Course in Pneumapreneurship Studies

Foundations of Pneumapreneurship Coursebook

  • This book is a handbook on the frist three modules of the 1st level of Pneumapreneurship (FCP)

    It's been written to...

    To point you to the Holy Spirit through whom you can identify your gifts/talents, uniqueness and  areas of core competencies.

    To show you that you can be who God designed you to be despite your past failures or mistakes

    To help you bridge the gap between dreams and reality by instilling and arousing in you the courage, confidence and boldness.

    To train you in practical management, leadership and entrepreneurial principles with sound biblical foundation

    It contains 

    Module 1: Introduction to Pneumapreneurship

    Module 2: The Basic Principles of Pneumapreneurship

    Module 3: God’s Scoreboard

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