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Advanced Leadership Certificate in Pneumapreneurship Studies (ALCP)

The ALCP is made up of 8 units 

Unit 1

Strategic Planning for Leaders

 This unit sets out the process of planning for the ideal way to get to the future. It also examines the various planning types which are related to the beginning, growth and sustainability of vision. 

Unit 3

Vision and Leadership

This unit sets to achieve the following objectives;

±To expound on vision

±To demonstrate the impact and power of vision

±To examine the making of a visionary leader

±To show leaders how to communicate vision 

Unit 5

Building a Pneuma-Winning Advantage

This unit sets to achieve the following objectives;

•Discuss the necessity and presence of competition

•Show leaders how to identify competition

•Help leaders build the strive for excellence

•Show how leaders can build their products or services to become the preferred choice in the market

•Show how to ensure that your brand is stamped on your customers/followers’ mind

•Discuss management and biblical ways of winning in a highly competitive world

Unit 7

Understanding and Application of Strategic Leadership

This unit therefore is set to show you what makes a leader strategic in his approach and implementation of vision. It also sets out to examine the leaders’ strategic self and how to manage strategic relationships.

Unit 2

Strategic Resource Management

This unit explores what management is, examines resource types, discusses the application of the knowledge of management to resources so that leaders can successfully see their vision materialize. 

Unit 4

Managing Adversity in Leadership

This unit is designed to help Leaders understand the certainty, necessity, source, benefits and management of adversity when it does occur. It also emphasizes the importance of building resilience before, during and after adversity.

Unit 6

Tests of Pneuma-Maturity

This Unit sets to achieve the following objectives;

  • To examine the signs of true maturity

  • To analyse the different types of maturity models

  • To discuss the various stages of maturity

  • To deal with barriers to maturity in leaders

  • To learn from case studies of leaders whose maturity levels were tested

  • To help leaders develop and mature in their calling

Unit 8

Jesus' Model of Leadership

This Unit is set to achieve the following objectives;

  • To inspire leaders to reflect on their leadership legacy  

  • To show leaders how they can replicate Jesus’ model leadership

  • To discuss the importance of succession

  • To review leadership case studies 

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