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Our Services to you

How we serve you 

Consulting and Assessment for Start-ups

  • We take individuals through the discovering, starting, growing and establishing of their business or ministry

  • We conduct training needs analysis for Christian organisations and churches

  • We help Christian business networks start & and grow

  • We conduct assessments for ministries and churches to discover areas of improvement to help them actualise their God-given mandate

Trainings and Seminars

We help ministry leaders to train workers & ministry volunteers for effectiveness in the ministry. 
We train ministry & business Leaders for greater effectiveness in their chosen fields

We organise Monthly Seminars & Workshops for all the various arms of our ministry.


Coaching and Mentoring

God desires success in ministry Josh 1:8. We are very passionate about success in the ministry to which individuals have been called. Apart from helping individuals in identifying their peculiar calling (business, career or ministry), we stay with them with the help of the Holy Spirit to ensure that they succeed in that calling and enjoy their chosen line, live a purpose-driven life and expand the kingdom of God through it.

We also advise on how to recognise suitable mentors and help ministry and business starters to find who can rightly mentor them.

Annual International Conference and Exhibition 

We organise an Annual Conference& Exhibition of Christian entrepreneurship 

This is an annual event where we come together to renew our strength through various presentations and seminars that are targeted towards our growth in the ministry. It is also an event for networking and creating lasting relationships with like-minded people in your area of calling. This event also showcases the various works of businesses, ministries and careers that can help in attracting quality customers through the exhibition stand.


Awards and Recognition of outstanding Christian Entrepreneurs

This is a yearly event where we recognise the extraordinary feats of Pneumapreneurs. These include Christian business men and ministry leaders. 

Breakfast Meetings and networking events


The aim of this meeting is to facilitate the growth and development of the businesses and ministries of Dips Alumni

The objectives of this meeting include
- networking among Pneumapreneurs
- Opportunity for growth and expansion
- Brainstorming and profitable discussions
- Training and development
- Connecting with mentors and mentees
- Fellowship through prayer and the word
- Pitching your business or ministry so others get to know what you do
- Any other business as the Holy Spirit leads


We also hold periodic roundtable talks or meetings of Christian entrepreneurs, consultants and ministry heads.

We organise bi-annual dinners to bring together ministry heads and business people for networking and exchange of ideas for growth and expansion.

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