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Assessment, Coaching and Mentoring


The assessments are aimed at helping individuals to discover, start, grow and establish their business, ministry or career


The first category of people we help are believers who don't know or are not sure of their abilities and gifts. Through personalised assessment, they are able to discover and embrace their God-given abilities and translate them to profitable ventures for the Kingdom of God


The second category of believers we help are those who are aware of their God-given abilities or gifts but do not know what to do with it. They also include those who have ideas but do not know how to turn them to profitable ventures. These individuals are supported with implementation strategies that can help them actualize their visions


The third category include those who are already implementing their God-given idea but need further assessment and support on how to profit with it. Growth is God's injunction to all so we support believers with strategies for growth and expansion.

Coaching and Mentoring


God desires success in ministry Josh 1:8. We are very passionate about success in the ministry to which individuals have been called. Apart from helping individual in identifying their peculiar calling (business, career or ministry), we stay with them by the help of the Holy Spirit to ensure that they succeed in that calling and enjoy their chosen line, live a purpose-driven life and expand the kingdom of God through it.

We also advise ministry and business start-ups on how to recognise and work with suitable mentors.

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