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This is the association of all those who have passed through our training programmes or studied at the basic, intermediate or leadership level of Pneumapreneurship. We refer to ourselves as the ‘Blessed Pneumapreneurs’

Alumni Activities


Quarterly Breakfast meetings

Breakfast meetings are organised to bring Pneumaprenerus up to date with skills needed to succeed in their businesses or ministries.




Sub-groups exist to meet the needs of the Pneumapreneurs at the micro level and to create room for cohesion leading to Pneumapreneurs' supporting one another 



Networking events

throughout the year, several networking events are organised so Pneumapreneurs can meet up and exchange ideas. 


Alumni Breakfast meetings

Aims of PBM

  • For business skills development 

  • For business or ministry referrals 

  • For growth and expansion

  • For getting mentors and mentees

  • For networking and collaborative working

  • For personal development like building interpersonal and presentation skills 

  • For market research

  • For Raising your business/ministry profile

  • For encouraging Christian entrepreneurship 

  • For building each other up through prayer and encouragement.

Goals Of Attendees At The PBM

  • The goals of every alumni at the breakfast meeting are: 

  • To kindle and fan the flame of our gifts and passion thereby translating it to business and ministry 

  • To learn new improved ways of doing business and ministry

  • To receive empowerment for expansion and growth 

  • To sharpen our skills for effective delivery of our destiny 

  • To connect with like minded people as iron sharpens iron 

  • To broaden our horizon and world view 

  • To receive empowerment for competitive edge in our various fields of endeavour 

  • To network and mingle 

  • At the PBM we encourage Pneumapreneurs to prepare for a one-minute presentation as a way of introducing themselves

The Referral Process

We seriously encourage referrals

At the end of the presentation, the moderator will give a summary of what each member is looking for and will then go around the table and ask each member if they have any business referrals to give to other members. These are then discussed and any actions identified.. We are more interested in the quality rather than the number of business leads.

PBM is like having your own unpaid marketing team working for you, because your fellow members give out your cards and refer your business to people they meet. Why do they do this? Because they know you are doing exactly the same for them. Even in this digital age, we all know that “People buy People”, which is why PBM’s Word-of-Mouth Marketing is so successful for many different trades and professions including ministries.

Purpose Of One Minute Presentation

What is the purpose of the one-minute presentations?

The purpose of the presentation is;

  • To allow you to tell other members about your business.

  • To tell them about a new service you are thinking of launching.

  • Or about one of your services you want to highlight in more detail.

  • About a particular person or business you want to be introduced to.

  • To encourage any ideas or advice from other members.

  • Is a great way to improve your presentation skills. Don’t worry if you have never given a presentation. We have all been there.

  • And finally, the type of referrals you are looking for that week.


As a community of purposeful Christian entrepreneurs and ministers, we are determined to help each other grow and fulfil the mandate God has assigned to each and everyone in the alumni group.

For this reason, we have sub-groups which have been created to cater for the needs of the alumni at a micro level. These groups include mentors and mentees who are in the classified industry group.

These Groups Include

  • The Pneumapreneurship Ministers' group (For Pastors and heads of ministries)

  • The Pneumapreneurship Business group

  • The Pneumapreneurship Professional group (For those in Careers)

  • The Pneumapreneurship Community group

Networking platforms and events

Be a part of a mutually benefiting  community 

Networking platforms are designed for the following

  • The day-to-day connection among the Pneumapreneurs,

  • Quick referrals,

  • Communication of important messages relating to the ministry and any Pneumapreneur

  • Discussion of tangible and related topics in business and ministry

There are three major platforms at the moment

  1. Facebook group – the Army of Pneumapreneurs

  2. Various WhatsApp Sub-Groups

  3. Slack

The Institute organises periodic networking events including summer fun day to connect Pneumapreneurs.

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