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Foundation Certificate in Pneumapreneurship Studies (FCP)

The FCP is made up of 8 units and a practical application unit called D-R planning process

White Structure

Unit 1

Introduction to Pneumapreneurship

This unit deals with the meaning of Pneumapreneurship, its origin, foundational principles and bedrock giving you an insight into God’s expectation and requirements for you as a unique creation with a boundless mind for creativity but also profitability



To introduce to the students the concept of Pneumapreneurship

To discuss the origin and aim of Pneumapreneurship

To give learners an insight into God’s expectations and requirements for them

Unit 3

God's Scoreboard

A careful study of the book of Revelation Chapter 2&3 reveals God’s scoreboard including His criteria for scoring and the outcomes of good or bad scores.
Pause! If God were to show you His scoreboard now, what do you think your score would be? 


To expose to students that God has a score board, the criteria for weighing productivity

To show students that they have unique callings

To examine the assessment tool of Jesus for the seven churches

To apply the outcome of the assessment of the seven churches on today’s believers

To imprint on the mind of students the mindfulness of God for them

Unit 5

Pneuma-Process of Self-Discovery

Everyone in life at one point in time or the other will face the dilemma of wanting to know who they really are

Your life’s package contains so many distinguishing occurrences that the Lord has allowed so you can be whom He wants you to be.

Your spiritual, physiological, psychological, social, economic and environmental experiences and make-up have all teamed up together to make you the person you are today

Nothing happens by chance in the dictionary of God

Discovery is not limited to your spiritual journey alone but what your physiological abilities are made of.


To show learners the process of discovering who they are

To show learners the importance of knowing who they are

To discuss the four categories of human beings

To provide learners with keys to discovering who they are

White Structure

Unit 7

Entrepreneurship and Pneumapreneurship 

This unit looks at the relationship and interconnectivity between entrepreneurship and Pneumapreneurship. It also explores biblical support and derivative for entrepreneurship leading to Pneumapreneurship. The biblical foundation for the development of Pneumapreneurship is rooted in the parable of Jesus on the talents establishing the principles upon which Pneumapreneurship is birthed


To discuss entrepreneurship and its interconnectivity with Pneumapreneurship

To explore biblical support and derivative for entrepreneurship leading to Pneumapreneurship

To depict God as an entrepreneur to students and His entrepreneurship example to us

To show how Pneumapreneurship can be applied to business

To show how Pneumapreneurship can be applied to ministry

Dead Sea

Unit 9

Dream to Reality Plan:

Practical Class 

Studies have shown that many people go for training, development and acquisition of knowledge in a particular area but they never get around to implementation. It is not enough to know or acquire knowledge; you need the apply that knowledge which is what is referred to as wisdom. So this unit sets out the practical application of knowledge gained and a movement from just knowing to doing or living it. It also stresses the need to add a seasoning of ethics for an overall acceptance of a business or ministry.


To ignite the zeal in learners towards the actualisation of their goal

To show the step by step guideline of preparing a D-R plan

To show learners how to manage key areas of a business or ministry

To demonstrate the importance of business ethics in successful running of a business

Snowy Mountain

Unit 2

Basic Principles of Pneumapreneurship

It is important for every believer to understand the requirements of God concerning the gifts He has given to them. This requirement stems from fundamental truths that should guide the use of these gifts as the owner will expect accountability one day.


To discuss the four basic principles of Pneumapreneurship and their significance to every believer in business or ministry

To discuss the basic truth about the expectation of God concerning gifts and talents

Unit 4


This unit discusses the task of Pneumapreneurship in relation to the first word – Pneuma which is the Holy Spirit and His extraordinary operation in the life of every believer. It exposes how the Holy Spirit helps believers in innovation, creativity, planning, management and control.


To introduce the person of the Holy Spirit

To expose to students the extraordinary operation and power of the Holy Spirit in the life of every believer

To show learners how they can partner with the Holy Spirit for every area of their business or ministry

Unit 6

The Pneumapreneurship Process

God is the originator of all things Gen 1:1, John 1:1-3 including the ministries and callings within the church. The Holy Spirit is the giver according to 1 Cor 12:11

All these things [the gifts, the achievements, the abilities, the empowering] are brought about by one and the same [Holy] Spirit, distributing to each one individually just as He chooses.

Phil 2:13 for it is God who is in you both to will and to do his good pleasure 


To introduce to students the process an idea goes through from Incubation to Harvest

To show students the importance of reliance on the Holy Spirit for every stage of idea development

To instil perseverance and patience in learners so they can see their idea mature to harvest stage

Leaf Pattern Design

Unit 8

Building Pneumapreneurial Skills

You cannot be an effective Pneumapreneur without the right capacity. You need to understand the capacity that you have with the aim of building upon it and adopting strategies to help you develop it.


To discuss the concept of capacity building

To show students how to identify, build and sustain Pneumapreneurial skills

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