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Leadership and Management Certificate in Pneumapreneurship Studies (LMCP)

The LMCP is made up of 8 units 

Unit 1

Advanced Principles of Pneumapreneurship

The basic principles of Pneumapreneurship show the importance of identifying one’s gift with the attitude of responsibility and a focus on accountability with the hope of reward.

There is a great deal to be achieved between gifting and accountability and that is the essence of this unit.

This unit consist of five advanced principles of Pneumapreneurship; Identity;



Adaptation and


Unit 3

5-Minute Vision

Revelation is the mother of invention.

It is what you see and understand better than others that you are able to invent and so you are called an inventor.

This unit is broken into five lessons;

¢Lesson 1: Why 5 minute vision

¢Lesson 2: Inspiration and 5 minute vision

¢Lesson 3: Practical application of 5 minute vision

¢Lesson 4: How to develop a 5-minute picture 

¢Lesson 5: Benefits of 5 minutes vision

Unit 5

Pneumapreneurship Flow

Inspiration is given in order for solutions to be provided for the diverse needs of the society. The Holy Spirit who is the giver of inspirations expect action to be taken.

This unit maps out the web of actions that ensure the full delivery of positive results from inspiration to remuneration. This is what marks Pneumapreneurial leaders.

Its objectives include;

- To show Pneumapreneurs the real work that brings vision to fruition

- To show the different compartments of the Pneumapreneurship flow

- To instill perseverance and patience in Pneumapreneurs so they can see the positive outcome of their travails

Unit 7

The 7Ds of Pneumapreneurship Success

Success in life is what everyone looks for in business, career or ministry because it is good and fulfilling. It is what everyone desires and work for. But the truth is that it doesn't come easy so we need to apply some keys to unlock its door.

This unit sets out the seven principles or keys which we refer to as the 7Ds that ensure lasting success.

Key objectives include;

- To discuss the seven keys to a life of success as a Pneumapreneur

- To show how to apply the seven keys to every life’s endeavour

Unit 2

Emotional Intelligence and Personality Awareness

This unit takes leaders through the art of knowing, developing and applying intelligence in managing their own emotions and that of their followers.

It sets out to achieve the following Key objectives

•To introduce emotional intelligence and its key elements

•To show why leaders have to be emotionally intelligent

•To discuss the importance of personality awareness to leaders

•To discuss the various categories of temperaments with biblical examples

•To show how leaders can set goals with emotional intelligence

Unit 4

Developing Pneuma-Capacity

Leaders cannot succeed without the right and sustainable capacity. 

This unit will also show us ways of fortifying ourselves against challenges that come in our Pneumapreneurial journey. it also helps leaders to identify ways of building capacities in order to accommodate all that God has for them.


•To introduce the concept of capacity

•To expose to students the need for fortification

•To show learners how they can fortify themselves

•To show Pneumapreneurs the need for capacity development

Unit 6

Ethics in Pneumapreneurship 

Many believers are not thriving today in their various fields of endeavour because they lack the right attitude, character and disposition. This unit is set out to help Pneumapreneurial leaders understand the importance and contribution of ethics to the successful outcome of their Pneumapreneurship ventures

Key objectives include;

- To discuss what ethics is and what it is not

- To discuss the importance of ethics in attaining success as a Pneumapreneur

- To discuss different types of Pneumapreneurship ethic

Unit 8

Developing the Leader in you

•Leaders are people on a mission

•Mission is the answer to what is missing in the life of people 

•Mission is finding the missing link in the lives of others

It is paramount for leaders to know their source, the reason why they are leaders and what leadership demands from them. Leaders are also expected to be teachers so they ought to know what makes a great teacher. The understanding of this is what makes leaders purposeful.

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