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Youth Empowerment

This arm of our Ministry is called the D&D Youth (Daniels and Deborahs). Our ladies are called Deborahs while the young men are called Daniels because we are helping them to discover the leader in them. We nurture them through training, teachings, outings, seminars, retreats, networking events and conferences so they can become the high impact leaders that God has ordained them to be.

How we empower the youths


Young Scientist


We understand that each young adult is unique in their own way so we train them to see themselves as such and never to compare themselves with others.

We take the through the self discovery process so as to help them identify their God-given talents early in life. Seeing who they are through the lens of Christ will build confidence in them to face the future. 

Nurturing Growth


To bring up and nurture youths in the way of the Lord

To take them through the process of pursuing their area of speciality and talent

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To show them how to use their abilities for the benefit of the society and the expansion of the kingdom of God

To encourage them to direct their energy towards positive use 

All About Youth Empowerment 

This ministry is targeted at young adults starting from teen aging years to 30. Their Leaders well rounded individuals with proven track records academically, professionally, morally and spiritually. These leaders are within the age range of 20 - 40 as youths are more prone to listen to people not far from their age range.

We have mentors who provide oversight for their leaders. 

Youth Bible Study (Weekly)
to Empower


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