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An autobiography that confidently depicts Romans 8:29-30.

50 Sides of Success

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  • Hi

    My name is Oludotun


    This book contains the story of my life, my mountain top experiences, struggles, valleys, victories, laughter, joys, sadness, discouragement, moments of euphoria, lessons at every junction, fear and timidity, temptations I fell into and the ones I overcame, the good, the bad and the ugly. 
    My potter mixed all of these together to create a masterpiece, a work of art He called Oluwasomidotun for His own glory. 
    He also orchestrated all to work for my good. 
    These are the combined ingredients that make me, me by the Grace of God (GoG)
    50 sides of success is a complete story that shows different sides of good success from my personal experiences which I'm sure will become someone else’s survival guide. 

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