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The Storm,The Lessons and The Victory 

A5 size, paperback with matt finish, aprx 280 pages

60 Days

SKU: 217537123517253
  • We were inspired to tell the story of how we overcame the storm through the mercy of God which endures forever

    Whether we like it or not, storms will come, it’s a matter of when not if. So we are writing this book as a catalogue of testimonies so you can learn from our experience and discover the following.


    **The mighty power of God as the    

       healer, deliverer, and saviour

    **That our God is the King over the flood,

       He is our PEACE

    **That God is the same yesterday

       today and forever. If He did it before, He can

       do it again. If He did it for us, He can do it

       for you.

    **That God is the keeper of covenant.

       He will never break His promise

    **To empower you for the day of adversity

    **To provide an encouragement manual for

       anyone that might be going through a

       terrible storm in life

    **To help you build faith and trust in the Lord

       despite opposing circumstances

    **To equip you for war and fortify you against

       the lies of the devil

    **To show forth the praise of our Lord God

       among the nations

    **IT IS A TESTIMONY, and the testimony of

       Jesus is the Spirit of prophecy

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