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Another book in the Bible Study Manual series. This series contains characters of God and how we can pattern our lives after them.

Bible Study Manual: The Characters of God

  • This is the fourth in the Bible Study Manual Series. 

    Its theme is on the characters of God.

    In this series, we shall be exploring the characters of God for the following reasons;

    • To stir in us the motivation to know our God more and to develop a stronger bond with Him
      To be able to discuss the God we serve with others Intelligently when we are being asked.


    The Bible Study Manual has been painstakingly laid out as teaching material for Sunday School interactive classes. It can also be used for group, family, and personal Bible studies.

    The will of God is for His people to develop and grow to maturity in and through His word. It would gladden the heart of the father if we could all have Sunday school sessions in our services. So He has inspired the making of this manual for churches, to use as their Sunday school teaching material and Bible study, if they don’t have any material yet. Families that do not have any teaching material to train their children can make use of this manual.

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