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The concept or the idea of praying in the WORD OF GOD and praying with the WORD OF GOD is to lead you in the right direction of praying to get result(s) or to get answer(s) according to His will and  purpose for our lives. 
This book enlightens you on the difference between  praying with THE WORD OF GOD and praying IN THE WORD OF GOD? 

Praying the will of God through the Scriptures

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  • This book is a handbook on how to develop your capacity to get result(s) and to receive the right answers to your prayers. 
    One great purpose of this book is to open our eyes to praying in the word of God and praying with the word God, so that we are not disillusioned, or confused, or delayed, or derailed, or ask too many questions on why our prayers are not receiving the right answers.
    There are myriads of Bible passages that are pointed out in this book to help you understand this concept and the heart of God through His son, Jesus. This book touches on patterns and strategies of answered prayers while giving you several passages that can help you fight the good fight of faith in situations of life including but not limited to salvation, delieverance, health, financial breakthrough, breaking prodigality in children and spouses and pulling down strongholds of fear, anxiety, barrenness or forces that militate against your wellbeing.
    The Word of God is your offensive and defensive weapon 
    Use it and you will be more than a conqueror.

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